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(verb-passive) 1. to be screwed out of what is rightfully due to you. 2. to be placed in a state of awe and our disbelief at how improperly something could be managed. 3. can simply be used to incite intrigue
1. Man its already past 4pm and he still hasn't called for us to clean up. My friend we have most surely been Tizzled!

2. So where are we workin today? What truck am I supposed to ride out in? Are we checking out of the hotel? Damn I've been Tizzled!

3. Tizzle me this, Tizzle me that!
by Brown Dirt Cowboy February 09, 2010
6 1
To become buzzed from drinking alcohol
Man im gonna get tizzled tonight
by KGM on behalf of Kanye February 02, 2006
4 1
To get fucked up.
To get high.
Shit son, my bitch and I smoked some chronic last night and got tizzled.
by p April 12, 2005
4 3