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When someone experiences sexual intercourse indirectly.
Those people in the next room are fucking and I can hear them. I'm a victim of second-hand sex
by maddox February 16, 2005
When you are on the receiving end of hearing or watching sex happen in real life.
Man, those two people are fucking in the next room and I can hear them. I'm a victim of second-hand sex.
by maddox February 16, 2005
Used to name the brilliant "Madness combat" series of 4 animations, available at www.flashplayer.com, or flecko.net the word is used to describe how, "Mad" something is
"Madness interactive is pure madness!"
by Maddox June 16, 2004
the highest echelon of coolness (adj); Thomas Schryver. (proper noun) Variations: Tizzoo, Tizzach, Tizzmeister, his (royal) tizzness

Northern California slang, specifically Hillsborugh.
That's so tizzle.

It's the tizzaccchhh!!!

by Maddox December 07, 2004

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