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In a panic, in a dither, flustered, or confused
'Rumour that Bin Laden still alive has world press in a tizz'

'I got myself in a tizz this morning because the car wouldn't start and I was late'
by S Fyson July 03, 2003
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jizzing all over a girl's tits and stomach, makes both the giver and receiver feel tremendously good
guy: "fuck yeah, i just tizzed over you"
girl: "it feels so warm and good on my body"
by masoturnsado January 07, 2010
An inflamed hair folicle of the scrotum.
"I've got a nagging tizz on my sack."
by markthesnake October 18, 2004
like the word tizzight used WAAYYYYY back in the day but only cooler.
damn these new shoes i got are fuckin' tizz!!
by niquemarielove November 15, 2011
An ingrown hair on the scrotum...a very irritating and sometimes painful thing.
"Fuck...this tizz is a real bitch, man."
by lilstrokes October 18, 2004
A small furry human who looks like a cross between a hobbit and an ewok. Known for its random outbursts of crazy incoherant babbling.
"my gawd you are acting like a Tizz today"
by Pesudo Neo December 14, 2004
a right breast as approved
that chick had a muscley tizz and ernie
by ellieraffertylovesernie May 21, 2008

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