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A fat party. This word is derived from the word partizzle, shortened to tizzle, and then to tizz at it's most abbreviated form.
Oh man! Did you go to big Cy's tizzle last night? That shit was kru status!
by j-piz June 15, 2007
the highest echelon of coolness (adj); Thomas Schryver. (proper noun) Variations: Tizzoo, Tizzach, Tizzmeister, his (royal) tizzness

Northern California slang, specifically Hillsborugh.
That's so tizzle.

It's the tizzaccchhh!!!

by Maddox December 07, 2004
When a girl is smoking either a swisher or a joint and is giving the guy a blowjob inbetween puffs.
Dude one: Hey, see that bitch over there?
Dude two: Yeah.
Dude one: She tizzled me last night.
Dude two: Lucky asshole.
by Higaki May 18, 2008
To be lazy as fuck and sit in the back office for 90 percent of your work shift
Jim was manager so we knew he would tizzle all day while we did work
by rickevdrew June 17, 2010
1. (n.) an amusing human-like monkey known for his slight ADD tendencies, random thoughts, incomplete communications, huge heart, and steam-engine-like sales ability; 2. (n.) an Irish salesman who greatly resembles the Tizzle monkey, who is motivated by wireless headsets and free golf rounds; 3. (adj.) delightful to manage
I told him, "Tizzle... today in the field... let's Sizzle... not Fizzle..."
by FCSElJefe November 19, 2010
Tizzle is a word that can be used as a verb, noun, adjective etc. Pretty much anything! But most commonly used as a word to mean something positive or neutral, not often a bad thing. Can also be called tizzlin or a person can be called a tizzler.
" That was so tizzle!" as in that was so good
"He's tizzlin!" as in hes handsome
" I am going to go check on the tizzle in the oven!" pie
"Lets go tizzle" dance
by tizzleisthenewword March 03, 2010
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