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A sexy chocolate girl who was originally caucasian. September 22, 2001, a caucasian Tiwa was driving by a tanning salon. She stopped in and bought a few visits, saying "well, what the hell," as an eleven year old child. As she walked out of the tanning salon, she saw a hair salon and immediately walked in, and got a weave. She never saw the sign outside the tanning salon which stated, "We just may change your ethnicity."
"After I became a Tiwa, my bills skyrocketed from my corn row and weave fetish."

"Black on the outside, white on the inside, tiwa paintjob."
by Cum Dumpster Inc. December 28, 2009
Tiwa, the french kid at Shorecrest Prep's buddhist dad, is actually synonymous with "shit".
Geez, dude! I just took a big tiwa! Don't go in there.
by ur mom March 18, 2005
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