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Stickin' yo penis between some tig ol' bitties
Man, I tittyfucked yo momma last night.
by Nic December 02, 2003
601 268
To thrust the penis between a women's preferably large breasts and ejaculate on her chest and/or face.
I would like to titty fuck that stanky ass hoe.
by Patrick February 12, 2003
4439 1264
A very underrated and enjoyable experience for guys that is unfortunately not equally satisfying for ladies. The bigger the better.
I titty fucked Caroline last night

Oh yeah, what'd she think?

I don't know, she was asleep
by rob ricksen February 24, 2006
2735 1622
where the man places his penis between a woman's preferably size F boobs and has 1)the woman move up and down or 2)thrust his hips until he jacks off and cums all over the woman's face and neck.
my boyfriend titty fucks me all the time, that way, my boobs get sum execize too. I have size DD, but my bf wants to get em enlarged.
by anonomous January 25, 2004
2556 1701
fucking a woman between her boobs
I titty fucked Amber and cum shot into her eye.
by Dave Moser December 03, 2003
2185 1433
when a man sticks his dick between my big 38D tits. :)
I want Jeff to tittyfuck my huge tits. :)
by Stacy March 12, 2005
881 316
When a guy sticks his cock between some whore's tits and fucks the hell out of them until he cums all over her face/neck/chest.
Girls don't get much pleasure when they get titty fucked.
by Christina Harding May 15, 2004
1315 838
When you put your dick between a girls' titties and fucking them as if you're fucking her pussy until you ejaculate
Oh my, i just titty fucked my girl's 40D tits and damn, its feels so fucking good
by Dave P. May 23, 2004
1565 1101