Stifled snickers and whispered comments uttered by the various members of a group of guys when they observe that the bikini-top, bra, etc. worn by a female (particularly one whom the guys are not overly fond of, either because they view her as being “full of herself”, or because she shoves lots of criticism and unwanted advice down their throats and/or otherwise acts like a feminist b***h to them) has slipped aside or come off without her being aware of it, leaving at least one of her titties exposed.
Us guys were just trying to soak up some afternoon sunshine at the beach, but that local “neighborhood grandma” was standing there blocking our light and trying to lecture us about the “fallacies of laziness”. Didn't we have some major titters when her limp skimpy string-thing slipped up and we stared at her hooters all during the speech --- we didn't hear a word she said! Wonder what kinda mortified hissy-fit she had sometime later on whenever she finally discovered it! Served her right --- some NERVE she had, disturbing our relaxation by regaling us with her long-winded harangue about “you will regret your indolence later in life”!
by QuacksO November 29, 2011
Top Definition
Breasts that are abnormally large causing a man, who initially sees them, to get an immediate erection within his genital area.
Ugh, look at them big TITTERS!!! WOOO!
by Mr. Makingpoopies August 05, 2008
Euphemism/antoher word for laughing. Now people titter when the word titter is said because of obvious sexual innuendo.
1: *people laugh at man*
Man: Why do you titter so?
*people laugh more*

2: "The Life of Brian was on last night. We tittered a lot!"
by Zelda199 November 14, 2006
A titter is a twitter post, showing the woman's breast in the photo. This can be a nipslip or even a intentional titty showing.
Figure 1: Hey, Figure 2! What did you do last night?
Figure 2: You know... just posted a couple of titters for my follower's!
Figure 1: That's funny, so did I!
by JohnDoeIsABitchFace October 25, 2013
when a chick laughs so hard her tits shake
haha did u see that chick titter at that joke? it was awesome
by themanfromtantucket February 02, 2011
Another word for 'strip club.'
We're going to the titter for his bachelor party.
by frenchbankrobber May 23, 2014
A term used by Chris M. from the nard in reference of boobies (especially his woman's). Also known as jugs, tits, breasts, knockers, boobs, breasticles (what senta calls them), hooters, gazungas, boulders (as in 'over the shoulder boulder holder'), etc...
Lady, you have the nicest titters that i have ever seen.
by Chris on lindsey's email January 18, 2004
titter is a verb. 'to titter' is the act of tits (boobs) flapping against each other.For men it is to mitter (man boobs=moobs).
Dude no1: Dude look at that tit-off.
Dude no2: That's some good tittering bro.
by Dana jr. June 03, 2015
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