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To loiter around the breasts. Physically or optically.
Guy1: "John has had a little too much to drink already and going to get slapped again."
Guy2: "He had one drink, what's he doing?"
Guy1: "He's tittering the girl he's trying to hit on."
by Ogles April 21, 2010
1. hard nipples through shirt
2. glass cutters
3. possible strip club name
john: omg! look at dat girl!
clint: who? where? oh shit! daaamn!
john: i kno...she's tittering.


john: ey where u goin tonite?
clint: dude! i'm goin to TITTERIN'!!
by fabs April 17, 2005
1. hard nipples through a shirt
2. glass cutters
3. possible strip bar name
john: oh my god! look at dat girl right there!
clint: where? who? omg! look at dat shit!
john: i know....she is tittering!

clint: dude where u goin tonite?
john: wildin out at the TITTERIN'!
by fabs April 17, 2005

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