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1 adj. - used to describe a desireable or favoralbe situation. syn - cool, awesome, great, marvelous...et cetera

2 noun - a gesture made with the hand to symbolize (without words) the above definition. Simply place your fingers in a fist shape, then extend outward your thumb and pinky, very similar to the hand signal from the 90s meaning "hang loose" or "kawabunga dude" by surfers. Using your forearm as an axis, rotate the "titter" to complete the hand signal.

etymology: derived from a small group of people in Northwesten Pennsylvania, then the titter trend spread across the state and country.

other forms: "tits" "titbags" "sweet titties"
alternate spellings: tittar
alternate pronounciations: tit-tar
Guy 1: Dude, I scored with a supermodel.
Guy 2: "Titter!"


Guy 1: How was the concert?
Guy 2: Oh it was so tits! Petty was rocking all over the stage and Campbell played one hell of a guitar. Plus, the Crowes opened. In one word, it was titter!
by judaspreist January 29, 2006

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