The levels of high, as experienced through smoking shisha through a hookah, are as follows (in ascending order). High, Fucked up, Real Fucked up, Retarded. When one ascends to the level of Real Fucked up or above, in a time frame of 10 minutes or less, it is referred to as "Titanic." Because the smokers are Real Fucked up and it is still only the tip of the iceberg, they are sunk. This mirrors the events of the Titanic sealiner sinking from an iceberg collision. In this scenario, the smokers are the titanic and the shisha (tobacco) is the iceberg. It is the iceberg because the majority mass of its high potential is still unseen. Solve the riddle within this story and tags to find the address of the mystical golden marbles.
dude, this bowl has only been lit for 10 minutes and i'm real fucked up, it a titanic situation.
by Sar Harekikowu June 23, 2007
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A horrible disaster in the 20th century.
Titanic is also a ship that sank in 1912, found in 1986.
by Adrian January 23, 2005
Here is some more info from yours truly:
The Titanic was a large powerful ship that was built to carry 3,500 people. On April 15, 1912 it crashed into an iceberg while traveling. For its time, it was the biggest ship ever made and was talked about for years until it was finnished. In 1997, they made a movie about it, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett.
The Titanic sinking was a horrible disaster.
by smart_girl August 13, 2003
A huge ship that once floated, but doesn't anymore.

Do you remember the Titanic?

Oh, that ship that doesn't float anymore?

by Anonimoe October 10, 2008
a horrible disaster, but also an extremely sad movie. Its my favorite movie though. BUT IT MAKES ME CRY! some memorable quotes:

Rose DeWitt Bukater: "I'll Never let go Jack. I'll never let go.
Jack Dawson: "I'M KING OF THE WORLD!"
Jack Dawson (when Rose says he must have had a love affair with the woman he drew) "No no no no no, just with her hands. She had beautiful hands, you see. She was a one-legged prostitute"

LeonardoDiCaprio is like 33 right now, but in Titanic he was 23, so he was hot.
by like im gonna tell u July 12, 2008
The most greatest vessel in it's time.A sad disaster, that shook the world.The titanic sank at 2.30 am April 14 1912.Also a movie.
1."OMG,How cute was jack dawson it titanic!"
2."how sad was the wreck of titanic.So many people died"
by Charliegurl225 June 09, 2006
meaning big, huge, massive, epic
wowee ma, that be one titanic catfish
by pseudonym November 02, 2004
A very large shit that is so big the toilet cannot swallow it in whole... However, eventually the pressure from the water flow will cause the shit to break in half and be flushed away in two parts. Some say they think they can hear Leonardo DiCaprio confessing his love for Kate as the turd is broken and sent to the bottom of the sea.
The other day I had Taco bell for lunch and dinner and man, that night...(shakes his head back and forth slowly) I launched a Titanic out to sea, I thought I was giving berth to a horse!
by Christobon December 19, 2007

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