A little head, a little rim etc. A slight receiving of felatio just around the head of the penis. When asked "did you tip her?" in the context of tipping a prostitute, a typical reply may be: "no, but she sure as hell tipped me... know what I'm saying yeeaawww!".
Person 1: I'm glad that you convinced Sam to give me a little head, I was feeling quite the boxed up one...

Person 2: Argh no worries, she's a good girl really. Think she may like you.

Person 1: Well that's a 100 percent felatio to date ratio, maybe if I never take her out she'll give me full access to the pearl rewards within her oyster... if you know what I'm saying...

Person 2: ... you cold man, you're damn near heartless. Anyway, did you tip the girl... please tell me you did, she has class you hear, a little head - £10, a little on the side for her pocket. We agreed man.

Person 1: Well put it one way, one of us got tipped... but it certainly wasn't her! Hahahahaha, hey Guy... hey where you going man?
by Robert Head April 04, 2007
Top Definition
A way of being or feeling
I've been on the shy tip lately, that's why I havent called.

Tonight I'm rollin' on the solo tip, no honey's wit me.
by LULU March 14, 2005
The end of a man's penis
that hoe was on my tip last night
by hagaki July 27, 2005
T.I.'s original rapping name, but executives were afraid that he would be confused with Q-tip, so they dropped the P.
T.I.P. traps when its cold out.
by Outkast with a K November 23, 2004
Thug In Peace - Tupac Shakur. 1971 - 1996 - eternity
when a thug dies u say let that nigga thug in peace,T.I.P
by Sharmarke November 20, 2005
Money left by customers in thanks to the waiter/waitress

Usually the majority of a server's income comes from tips, therefore a large tip is looked on with happiness, whereas a bad tip will criminalize you to the server, bartender, bus boy, and hostess.
Server: That 8 top had a $90 bill and left me a $6 tip

Hostess: Damn them to hell!
by musicalsarah99 October 02, 2007
Ebonics for "drunk," an attempt to say "tipsy"
Nerrbody in da club gettin tips.
by nerrbody June 17, 2004
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