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A small suburb of Detroit, Michigan, and quite possibly the most uninteresting city in the Midwest. The only thing to do on any given night is to go to National Coney Island which is actually in Roseville, Michigan.

Eastpointe sits just north of Detroit, yet Detroit is starting to head north across 8 Mile and thus making Eastpointe more ghetto.

Because of said fact, property values are dropping and the streets are less safe at night.

The only entertainment value in the city is to buy beer and throw a beer pong tournament, or sit in your buddy's garage and smoke hookah.

Basically, if you're not hungry, there is nothing to do in Eastpointe.
A) Hey! What do you want to do tonight?!
B) Let's go get CONEY!
A) But I'm not hungry. There's nothing to do but get food in Eastpointe.
B) Alright, lets go to Club Matteo and smoke hookah and drink beer.
#8 mile #detroit #suburb #boring #michigan
by MyHopeIsInGod July 11, 2008
To be giving poor oral sex (see: head, or dome) in which you only place the tip, or head of the penis in your mouth, and repeating until ejaculation, or until getting bored.
Guy A: I was at my buddy's graduation party yesterday and I totally got head from Krystal!
Guy B: Was it any good?
Guy A: No, she just put the tip in.
Guy B: That sucks! I hate girls who tip.
#head #dome #oral sex #bobbing #krystal
by MyHopeIsInGod June 10, 2008
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