To have the best knowledge of something.

To be the most skilled at something.
On those girl tips.
by JakeBAKEEEE April 25, 2011
irish,mainly Donegal word for kissing,or making out
Person 1:omg,im going out with Sean!!
Person 2:really,since when?
Person 1:like,a week ago!
Person 2:did yous tip yet?
by iLoveRockAndRoll February 16, 2010
tip, can also be used in the form of tipping.

Tipping is when you are doing just slightly better than your bro. In other words you have established your dominance as the pitcher in the relationship but you cannot put more than your tip in, hense the phrase tipping
"Dude what did you get on that history test?"
"I got an 89! I'm so pumped. How about you?"
"Dude I so just tipped you. I got a 90, fuck yes!"
"Damn, you always tip me in everything!"
by Jer-Bear and J-Loew March 01, 2010
To be giving poor oral sex (see: head, or dome) in which you only place the tip, or head of the penis in your mouth, and repeating until ejaculation, or until getting bored.
Guy A: I was at my buddy's graduation party yesterday and I totally got head from Krystal!
Guy B: Was it any good?
Guy A: No, she just put the tip in.
Guy B: That sucks! I hate girls who tip.
by MyHopeIsInGod June 10, 2008
to give an extra amount of money for a service, such as to a waiter, in appreciation of his efforts. Origins: Years ago, waiters and some others hoping for a little extra money, used to carry around a small box labelled "To Improve Promptness", and soon the initials were shortened to form the single word "tip". Nowadays, it is customary in many places to give a tip which is one tenth of the total bill.
The boy from the lobby took our bags to our room, and from the way he kept standing there in the doorway with his hand slightly out, palm up, you could tell he was hoping for a tip.
by Pro-Love Girl May 02, 2010
When someone dyes the ends of their hair a different color than the rest of their hair
Look at that girl she just got her tips done.
by ShineTilly October 11, 2005
Usually used when referring to the tip of a male's (or female's) penis... Could be used when talking about sex or giving head.
Go ahead girl, ride the tip!
by your cock sucker January 05, 2011
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