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"Tiny Dancer" is the name given to (and used when spoken about in public or otherwise) the 1/2 erection that can be grabbed at the base and twirled around, thus becoming a "tiny dancer."
"So who wants to go play frisbee?"
"I do, but wait until my Tiny Dancer goes away."
by Marc Snitzer August 21, 2006
81 37
1.) A drink made with one part Stolichnaya Oranj, one part cranberry juice. Garnish with lime.
2.) A song by recording artist Elton John.
I'll have another Tiny Dancer and don't forget the fucking lime this time.
by sparkles January 20, 2003
42 28
a beautiful awesome funny hot smart girl that you like very much. talented dancer. short dancer but still hot
hey hayden brown is a tiny dancer
by hey u know me? July 15, 2010
21 9
Probably the best band ever to come out of Sheffield. They consist of Sir David Kay and some other men nobody else really cares about.

Person #1: Hey! Who's your favourite member of Tiny Dancers?

Person #2: David Kay, are there any other members?

Person #1: Fuck knows, I don't think so.


Person #1: Did you see Tiny Dancers last night? What did you think?

Person #2: Yeah, it were great like!
by Xhris Morgan July 10, 2008
6 2
A woman with a small vag, that a stout, strapping young male experiences as a "none shall pass" vagina. No entry here. Well, unless you have a needle dick. "Needle dick, Needle dick"
I followed this fine, thick ass chick back to her pad to play "hide the sausage", but when it came time, The only way to get into the show was with a backstage pass, because she had a tiny dancer.
by phillynate January 28, 2009
13 19
A Lap Dancer
In Rhianna's lyrics for "S.O.S." she says: "...and I'm your tiny dancer..." I really think that's what she mean't.
by RhianX12 July 21, 2010
3 10

1. A term used by males to indicate another male may be homosexual.

2. A song by Sir Elton John. While being a great song it is important to note that Elton John himself is a tiny dancer.
1.(Two friends are talking) (A guy walks by. Friend B checks the guy out)

Friend A: What are you? Some kind of tiny dancer?

Friend B: Uhhh.. Maybe?

2. "Hooollldd me Clooossser Tiny Dancer"
Also can be song as "Hooollldd me Clooossser Tony Danza"
by BoxCar Racer April 05, 2009
10 17