a person of thai decent, a thai chink
Did you see that girl? She was such a tink.
by sariejane January 16, 2007
To let just a little pee out, usually in certain situations.
tinkle shortened bcuz its a shorter pee
i laughed so hard i tinked.
by Michelle March 16, 2005
A slang term for the female vagina, more specificly the clitoris
1. My brother and I were cruising the street for tink.

2. My girlfriend really likes it when I nibble and suck on her tink.

by TavisKirgg September 28, 2007
Totally Insanely not kosher
"I failed my calc test, TINK man"
by Sammy September 22, 2004

1. The gooey substance that is in the corner of your eyes when you wake up.
You need to clean the tink in the corner of your right eye.
by Omar P. September 17, 2005
ummmm ummmmmmmmm PENUIS!!!!!
| _ __________}
\/ \/
that is what one looks like |
by someone February 22, 2005
a gay word dat gays use to offend people
ur a tink ;)
by tyler December 10, 2003

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