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When you click the channel button on a remote so many times and so fast that you can't stop it from changing channels since it wasn't changing as fast as you were clicking. Trying to go in the opposite direction will just add on to the chain of channels that have to be visited
Bob over-clicked the up channel and his TV wouldn't stop until 605.
by zesaladin May 16, 2010
Something that a person/people say in order to annoy or express agreement. Usually used to annoy since a ie is usually required at the end to make okiedokie
Me: I jus finished my science thing;

other person: okiedok -

Me: u mean okiedokie )
by zesaladin May 13, 2010
a way of saying think when someone is too lazy to press the "h" key, which is right next to the "t" key
Person A: Wat do u tink bout cheese

Person B: are you really too lazy to press the "h" key?

Person A: its sposed 2 b; r u reli 2 lazy 2 pres da h key
by zesaladin May 12, 2010
a fat fingering of kool. used when you are trying to be, for lack of a better word, kool and type kool instead of cool but end up making a typo

It is also my word
Isabel: jool

Me: haha jool.

thts my new word
by zesaladin May 27, 2010
a stupid thing that certain ppl say when they have nothing else to say, even when they could write something else but really dont care what it is you are saying, also mostly used by girls
A: i just went to an awesome party
B: alrighty

A: my cat just died
B: alrighty

A: i hav eyes, lol
B: alrighty
by zesaladin May 08, 2010

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