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noun: A man-made device -- a bong of sorts -- that is generally, yet not necessarily, used to smoke marijuana, created using three things: an empty plastic bottle (with a lid), a lighter, and a wrench socket.

By burning a hole into the bottle cap, placing the wrench socket in that hole, burning a "shotgun" near the bottle's base, filling the bottle with water, and the socket-cap with your smoking substance of choice, you are now ready to enjoy a homemade tink.

verb: To smoke from the device {SEE: noun} described above. Nonetheless, it is often used interchangeably (and more discreetly, mind you) to refer to the act of smoking.
noun: Yo, that tink got me twisted, brah!

verb: Trying to tink up, dude?
by tschwelve April 16, 2010

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