A person who looks like a elephants hairy ballsack
Bob, youre a fucking tink!
by wafflenugget March 07, 2015
a small amount, a little bit
Just a tink of salt, please.
by pamallhoney January 02, 2011
a way of saying think when someone is too lazy to press the "h" key, which is right next to the "t" key
Person A: Wat do u tink bout cheese

Person B: are you really too lazy to press the "h" key?

Person A: its sposed 2 b; r u reli 2 lazy 2 pres da h key
by zesaladin May 12, 2010
Tink is a polite way of saying "popping a boner." A phrase typically used umongst people who don't appreciate foul language.
Tom tinked when he saw the big bootied bitches walk up into the club.
by Doxis January 07, 2015
a derogatory term meaning retarded or stupid.
I don't understand this homework!
You are such a tink

She called me a Tinker.
How Horrible!

by Mia tellers January 07, 2009
When someone taps something with their foot or hand and it makes a ringing noise.
Tyler tried to board slide the rail, but he only tinked it and everyone made fun of him.
by skaterboy99 July 04, 2012
1. /verb/ to tink; tunk. To bang someone; have sex with.
She's probably good for a quick tink.

I heard you tunk V.
by cuzmore December 18, 2010

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