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Of or realting to sophisticated
Your a really tink person
by SHANTICKA February 14, 2008
to let just a little pee out, especially in certain situations
shortened form of tinkle
i laughed so hard i tinked.
i sneezed so hard i tinked.
by Michelle March 16, 2005
An acronym for "two income no kids". Usually referred to rich couples (young and old) that have huge houses and tons of stuff like jet skis and more cars than they can handle.
Man 1: Heh, My wife got me a new shirt for christmas and my kids got me a tie!

Man 2: Well, My wife got me a 22 foot fishing boat for christmas.

Man 1: Darn tink!
by www.eternalsoldiers.net July 25, 2003
The Act of Mushroom Tatooing.
Hey, Did you Tink that girl last night?

Don't make me Tink you!
by Welcome Mat August 05, 2004
A slang term for the female vagina, more specificly the clitoris
1. My brother and I were cruising the street for tink.

2. My girlfriend really likes it when I nibble and suck on her tink.

by TavisKirgg September 28, 2007
a slang term for a womans vagina
"I filled her tink up to the brink last night"
by Jay Dunn January 22, 2007
a person of thai decent, a thai chink
Did you see that girl? She was such a tink.
by sariejane January 16, 2007