noun: A man-made device -- a bong of sorts -- that is generally, yet not necessarily, used to smoke marijuana, created using three things: an empty plastic bottle (with a lid), a lighter, and a wrench socket.

By burning a hole into the bottle cap, placing the wrench socket in that hole, burning a "shotgun" near the bottle's base, filling the bottle with water, and the socket-cap with your smoking substance of choice, you are now ready to enjoy a homemade tink.

verb: To smoke from the device {SEE: noun} described above. Nonetheless, it is often used interchangeably (and more discreetly, mind you) to refer to the act of smoking.
noun: Yo, that tink got me twisted, brah!

verb: Trying to tink up, dude?
by tschwelve April 16, 2010
a derogatory term meaning retarded or stupid.
I don't understand this homework!
You are such a tink

She called me a Tinker.
How Horrible!

by Mia tellers January 07, 2009
lame ass, hoe ass nigga; ignorant, stupid
"Look at the tink over there."
by KayBoo25522 March 26, 2013
Two Incomes No Kids - A married couple who is more concerned about maintaining their current lifestyle rather than raising a child/children. Usually urban dwellers and the thought of a child is "icky" and inconvenient to their jet-setting ways.
Friend 1: "When are John and Jane going to have a kid, they've been married for five years and aren't getting any younger?"
Friend 2: "I think that they are pretty content to remain TINKs so they can continue their clubbing lifestyle."
Friend 1: "Probably a good thing as the kid would probably be neglected anyway."
by #Zombieapocalypse June 01, 2012
When something is wack or stupid; a funny saying expressing something that is dumb.
Did you see her wanna be Snooki poof? Hella dumb!" "TINK!
by I BE DOIN! April 12, 2011

A ghetto nickname. Someone who looks a like a black tinkerbell. Instead of using tinkerbell as their nickname beacuse that is so common use the abreviation which is Tink.
Hey that girl looks alot like Tinkerbell except she's black.
So then lets call her Tink.
by Tink{er}Bell August 11, 2009
Tink is a magical word which can mean anything you want it to mean.

-Tinked up = fucked up
-Hey i'm gonna tink one of these = hey i'm gonna take one of these
-I'm just gonna tink that over there = i'm going to put this over there
-Dude, you're always tinking around with those slinks. = Dude, you're always messing with those gadgets.

by Captain Winky December 20, 2006
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