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A rare and untreatable medical condition which effects 1 in 7 billion of the worlds population. Symptoms include:

- The spontaneous dislocating of both shoulders

- Random and disturbing muscle twitching with associated joint cluncking and vomiting
- Verbally abusing old people against your will
- The uncontrollable urge to steel sweets and condoms
- Sweaty spack attacks

- Memory loss and warped ideas
- Belching in strangers ears
- Raw Hide bowel movements
Statement from Doctor Bee of the Hutton University:

"After studying this rare condition for the past 15 years, it is clear to me that there is, and will not be in the forseeable future, a cure for this perplexing and rather perculiar disease known as 'Tingy'. My study, however will continue so that we can try and grasp a better understanding of this remarkable illness.
by Mister Strange. December 21, 2011
8 6
Tingy is the great lord of our universe, he can be anything or anyone. His true form looks like a mouldy piece of cheese with a SpongeBob face.
Me: You guys heard of tingy?
You: What is he today?
by The Great Lord, Tingy September 03, 2011
6 12
noun: a penis
verb: to make sweet, sweet love to someone
Janet: Check out the tingy on him
Mary: OMJesus, it's soooo beautiful

Mike (The Situation): I wanna tingy that bitch severely
Snookie: I'm so fucking wasted
by Tingy Tingerton April 25, 2011
3 12
A word to describe a cute guy.
It can also be used to descibe a flirting action.
He's Tingy = He's cute/hot.
Is he being tingy with you = is he flirting with you.
by Venice Boules June 14, 2008
10 19