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A circular container containing a delicious blend of smokeless tobacco, flavor, and fiber glass.
Hey rich, you got the tin?
by porpoise September 13, 2005
Package (can of sorts) of smokeless tobacco (dip)
i have two tins of skoal
by Watty June 10, 2004
1.A tightly packaged can of dipping tobacco used to make the dip user "mad buzzed", always paired off with a trusty spitter. Usually done in a social environment full of other dip users. There are many types of tins that come in a variety of flavors (mint, berry, wintergreen, straight, peach, vanilla, toasted marshmallow, etc.) Sometimes flavors are mixed together to make a dip hybrid (ex. Vanilla and Cherry =Cherry Vanilla or Peach and Mint = minty and fruity lip). Always pack your tin before you indulge in the delicious tin.

2. A person, place, or thing. Substituted for a noun in a sentence. Referring to a person or some sort of object.
Yo man did you bring your tin? I've got a cravin for big fat lip

What are you tins doing today? Going to the tin?
by William Grizzly Spitter May 05, 2010
a shield. the term "tin" is typically reserved for when it's presented to a civilian for any variety of reasons.
sean - how did you get that chick's friends to let her go home with you?
flip - it was nothing, i just pulled a couple aside and tinned them, told them their friend was in good hands.
sean - you fucked her in the ass, didn't you?
flip - raw.

ed - alright, who's turn is it to tin the doorman?
ryan - i'd rather just stand in line and pay the door fee like everyone else.
entire group - ...
ed - alright it's settled, ryan go tin that motherfucker so we can get inside already.
by flipyoutoo February 15, 2008
another word for cans....usually involved in underage drinking
are you going having a few tins tonight?
by Cillian June 18, 2005
Evolved from the an earlier definition of tins, now used to describe any vessel used to hold an alcoholic beverage AND the beverage itself.
"Flaps! I've spilled tin all over Aunt Olivia's rug"
by Briggins November 12, 2009
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