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A person who either consciously or unconsciously tries to engage you in a fruitless investment of your energy, time, money or attention. These people can be "takers" or simply abject individuals. The truth is that engaging in these types of interactions is an act of free will on our part so each of us can only blame ourselves for getting sucked in once again.
Time Waster, Telemarketers, CNN, Entertainment Tonight Hosts, Despots, Drunks, Cops, HR Professionals, Your Very Own Mind.
by Hunter Andrew April 25, 2009
A flirtatious woman who will give men the misleading impression that she is attracted to them romantically or sexually, but in reality, she wants nothing more than a purely platonic friendship with a man.
Francine is a Timewaster and a cockteaser. She loves to string guys along making them think they are going to have sex with her one day soon, when she knows good and well that she will never agree to have sex with those men.

I hate going to nightclubs. Most of the women who frequent nightclubs are nothing but Attention Whores, golddiggers, and Timewasters. It's not like they are going to go home with you and have sex.

Most Pickup Artists teach men how to approach women, establish rapport with them, and be charming, but very few of the top PUAs really teach you how to identify and avoid women who are Timewasters. Those women will always make you think they are interested in you just so they can play head games with you and manipulate you
by Yeezus Fan December 22, 2013
An unproductive, unprofessional person who consistently frustrates their peers and colleagues by wasting their time.
Our web site has been down for a week and that timewaster from the IT department still doesn't have a clue as to what the problem is. I haven't got time for timewasters!
by QualityAssuranceGuy July 26, 2009
A girl that will not sleep with you even though you have spent a considerable amount of time and money taking her out
Guy 1: Dude how was last night?
Guy 2: Girl is a time waster
Guy 1: haha third time this month!
by Slackjawed Chinaman November 14, 2013
someone who submits words to urban dictionary solely in an effort to waste the time of the people who approve the words on urban dictionary
Even if you think it's been a very small waste of your time. Times that by the number of people who've read this timewaster definition and it's wasted at least as much time as it's took to write it
by un-herd February 02, 2015
Guy who deceives a working girl into believing he can provide what she wants. When he is just a broke loser
He said that he was going to buy me a car but in reality he didn't even have enough for a down payment, time waster!
by fantasy9090 February 27, 2012
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