Timberland's boots, gangsta-stlye.
also written timbas .
by hytham_hammer July 13, 2005
Top Definition
A timbo is a sexual position unparalleled in greatness. It occurs when a man is lying down on a bed and a woman mounts his member. She then places a firm grip on an above-hanging ceiling fan, as the fan spins, the woman will spin also. She maintains intercourse while spinning, which causes extreme pleasure for both parties.
Yo me and my girl were going at it all night long. I hit that shit doggy style, missionary, but when she grabbed that ceiling fan for the timbo, I couldn't hold back and popped right in that.
by Body-T March 28, 2006
short for Timberland Boots.
man when we was runnin from the cops my timbos felt like air nikes on me.
by x August 24, 2004
the shoes timberlands
i like dem new timbos
by cutie4rmstl September 26, 2005
Abbreviation for Timberland Boots.
I coped a fresh new pair of Timboes off the web today.
by Layan November 08, 2007
One who is supernaturally gifted.A man/woman of good form.
"I dont like him,he thinks hes Timbo"
by father vail April 29, 2009
u look at someone and they pass out
i like to timbo people when i am mad
by tigergirl101 December 13, 2010
often shows a soft silent side but can flip at any second - throwing a wobbly
yeh we was just talking about tyre pressure and he threw a timbo
by tonmawrtiki November 19, 2010
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