Peanut Vendor Slash Drug Dealer, also linked to the Timbo Militia.
"Hey lets go get some nuts to suck on from Timbo"
by Drew November 24, 2003
often shows a soft silent side but can flip at any second - throwing a wobbly
yeh we was just talking about tyre pressure and he threw a timbo
by tonmawrtiki November 19, 2010
n. 1. a person who speaks so highly of himself that the audience becomes incredulous and hostile; 2. one who bloviates; 3. a pompous asshole constantly talking about how great he is

vt. to speak so highly of one's self that one's audience becomes incredulous and hostile
n. Bill O'Reilly is such a timbo.

vt. Careful not to timbo in your memoirs, George, you do want people to read it.
by lilith636 June 02, 2009
Timberland. AKA Timbo. The music producer. He makes bad ass beats.
Justin: "Hey Timbo!"
Timberland: "Yeah..."

It's in the song "Good Foot". Google it.
by LevyStoned January 28, 2008
Timberland's boots, gangsta-stlye.
also written timbas .
by hytham_hammer July 13, 2005
Sexual aroused
Man i am really timboed
by sharky June 16, 2003
A name called to someone who has just had sex with an extremely feminine male
oh my goodness! I can't beleive he just did a Timbo!
by Mr Bigglesworth May 18, 2006

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