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Beautiful eyes that can see through led with undoubted sapience, yet convey misleading innocence . Exquisite, full, rose pink lips that could turn a beast to a prince with one kiss. A smile that could melt any heart, no matter how tough.
This is a girl that knows how to get what she wants and does so with majestic elegances. A girl easy to fall for but hard to forget. She is usually French, and like to eat a lot. She is also very competitive so you should let her win, just to make her THINK she is better than you. Overall she would make a very good friend, girl friend, sister, wife, mother etc. And i am happy that i met her and that she is my new french friend :)

(be careful she doesn't steal your clothes, literally)
Tilleli - Coolest girl i ever met
by I am her Brother February 23, 2013
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