A girl who is so dumb she doesn't know the difference between a state and a continent. Usually found in middle class america who's mom is better looking than she is. Most likely to have a small mammal pet with no brain also just like her. Common sense is also lacking in this specimen, beware if you meet one.
wow that was a tiffany comment
wow you just had a tiffany moment
(usually begin with wow)
by crotchdweller February 03, 2010
Top Definition
Tiffany's are usually very loyal and intellegant people whom usually doesn't trust many guys. She usually has many acquintances, but very few best friends. They are always opened minded and always have to be entertained or be having a good time. Most of time Tiffany's stay single and flirt around.
Never let go of that Tiffany.

He breaks too many Tiffany hearts.
by Tiffany Chavers June 12, 2008
Tiffany is greek meaning the appearance of God.
Man that girl was a total Tiffany.
by TiffLM May 13, 2007
Tiffany is that girl that is always very loyal and intellegent, whom usually doesn't trust many guys. Tiffany is a ray of Sunshine. They make the room lit up, and her laugh is contagious. She has many acquintances, but very few best friends. She is always opened minded and always has to be entertained or be having a good time. Most of time most Tiffany's stay single and flirt around. When they do love they give their full love and committment. Never let go of that Tiffany.
Tiffany is the girl you want to marry never let go of a Tiffany
by Johnny applybee February 03, 2010
Name of a girl who is comes off as innocent yet sexy in every way. She has the cutest smile and adorable laugh. She's the kind of girl you'd want to chill with, that would be good company cause she's crazy and fun to be with. As relationships go if you get this girl into your bed, be prepared to be torn apart as she is a complete and utter closet freak that isn't afraid to experiment with a pair of handcuffs or a whip. She comes complete with a pair of DSL's, tight firm ass, fine legs, matching rack, cute face with a look that would make you blow your load within 3 min.
R - "yo man you know that girl tiffany?!?"
T - "the girl we chilled with the other day?"
R - "yea man! she's a FREAK!"
by handMauritz January 27, 2010
Contains many unique qualities.She is honest,friendly,easy to talk to,hard to persuade,sticks by her own opinion and not afraid to voice it,natural and usually one of a kind.They are always opened minded.They are usually very smart,faithful,beautiful girls; they can also be quite shy until they get to know you then they are bright as a star.They find the beauty in everything.They tend to be very cautious when it comes to guys and romantic relationships,because all the men they have dated in the past or just the men that broke their hearts at a young age,but when they do love they give their full heart.They are very loyal,and caring they tend to have many acquaintances but very few best friends.Usually more guy friends then girls.They are wonderful secret keepers and always a great shoulder to cry on.Treat her with as much respect as she treats you and she will NEVER backstab you, walk all over her and treat her like crap and your going to regret it cause she’ll forgive but NEVER forget.If you are ever so lucky to meet a Tiffany or have one in your life never let go of her she will be the best friend you can have and she will have your back through some crazy shit, you'll never have to fight any kind of battle alone cause she will always be there when you need her.Meet one and she will love you until the end of time that is if you don’t stomp all over her heart because you’ll regret the day you ever crossed a Tiffany.They always keep their word.
Man don't ever hurt a Tiffany.

Damn, I need to find me a Tiffany.

Omg! You are a Tiffany to the T.
by MagicalBeach April 29, 2011
usually a very loyal, sweet, and compassionate girl, that finds the beauty in everything. people whom usually doesn't trust many guys. She usually has many acquaintances, but very few best friends. They are always opened minded and easily satisfied.Absolutely adorable.
Never let go of that Tiffany.

See that girl? She's such a tifany
by Jboii January 13, 2009
"Tifinie" is used in Old French to mean "Epiphany." Tiffany is a name given to mostly American girls, it became popular during the early 1980s. The stereotype that comes with the name is a sexy cheerleader type, or sexy girl.

The name Tiffany was made famous in popular culture first by Charles Lewis Tiffany, the jeweler who would found the famous Tiffany & Co. in New York City.

There's a movie called "Breakfast At Tiffany's" and a song.

During the 1980s there was a teen pop star named Tiffany.

Nicknames and other spellings of Tiffany; Tiff, Tiffy, Tiffie, Tiffani and Tiphanie

The Eagles' hit "Hotel California" includes the lyric, "Her mind is Tiffany-twisted...", which means she wants riches, named after Tiffany and Company Jewelry.
by akashasdream March 14, 2007
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