the best girl in the world, she will always be there for you, she can always make you smile and laugh. she is sexy and adorable, she has a smile that will make you do anything! if you can ever get to be her boyfriend you are the luckiest guy on earth! but youll never be able to get her because you know she is way out of your league and will never go for a guy like you.
niko-"yo tiffanys hot"

matt-"back the fuck off"
by mattydell February 26, 2013
A sweet and inocent girl that is THE Best girlfriend on the planet shes blonde sweet and easy to please shes hot as hell and i love her so much
I love you Tiffany
by Jim7643 September 04, 2012
Tiffany's original meaning was appearance of god but now it has multiple meanings. Tiffany is a girl of exceptional worth. She is caring and tough but can be hurt very quickly. She's very intelligent and can solve almost any problem you throw her way. She doesnt trust easily so if she trusts you you are lucky. Tiffany do not party every weekend and arent sluts. They are the most beautiful girls in the world and appreciate everything. They are truly blessings
I want to be faithful to Tiffany but she doesnt trust me.
Tiffany has to be the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
by i have the answer January 17, 2015
A girl with a name Tiffany is smart and kind and has the cutest smile. Always kind to others, always by your side. She never lets you down. Makes you laugh when everything is awkward she is not afraid to speak her mind. She is talented and honest and trustworthy. She is gorgeous and has a adore laugh and smile. She has 3 to 4 best friends. She loves everyone mostly her friends and family. You would be lucky to be friends with a Tiffany.
Look at that Tiffany!
by Pinkbutterfly21 December 22, 2014
The most amazingly beautifull women in the entire world, A Tiffany will never let you and will allways be there with you by your side through thick and thin. A Tiffany has a timeless beauty which will have you in awe and every glance. Your Tiffany should never be taken for granted as they are the best friend you will ever have hold them tight and never let them go. Love them allways unconditionally it is more than they deserve.
You will never find anything better in this world than a Tiffany.
by bigsmithers September 22, 2011
She is a beautiful goddess who is worshipped by boys around her. They bow down to her loyalty and beauty. She is highly intelligent and her common sense is through the roof. She is extremely hot and super sexy and amazing in bed. Dont mess with Tiffany, since her intelligence levels are sky high, she can plan almost anything.
Girl 1: You look like a Tiffany today!
Girl 2: Thanks.
by Asumlum23 November 06, 2014
The girl that everyone either likes or finds annoying. Has lots of friends and has brown hair. Has some meat on her bones.
Tiffany has always been a good friend. She is always there
by bigdaddy001 December 16, 2013
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