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Tiffany is a person who is usually brunette,brown eyed,pretty, and very energetic.she's flirtatious and LOVES to have a good time. She has lots of friends (girls and guys:)and always speaks her mind.She's a beautiful person inside and out and is very independent. she's always ready for a relationship though:)
guy 1 "who is that?"

guy 2 "Dude, that's Tiffany. She's so hot and such a great person"
by RyRy123 August 06, 2011
A beautiful girl that is secretly pretending to be a girl. She really is a guy, but when she was found out she revealed that she was a girl disguising herself as guy disguising himself as a girl. She cray cray. The term for double cross dressing is Tiffany.
Are you trying to pull a Tiffany today?
You're Tiffany style is so swag.
by TiffanyBby December 02, 2013
Tiffany is unlike other girls. If She were an animal she would be a Panda bear: She is extremely Rare, Cute, Kind, somewhat Shy, Intelligent and Amazing.
WOAH! She is one of a kind- A total Tiffany!
by Brandon89 August 24, 2010
Awk looking, parrot nose, curving back, gold digger, evil, and fake girl.
That girl sure looks like a tiffany.
by nomorebullied September 21, 2013
An extremely awesome girl who has the cutest voice and cutest laugh ever. The only thing cuter is her giggle. She can be really nice and be really mean at the same time. She has to make jake lasangna because she won't find his tickle spot. She really fun to talk to, and you just can't stop. She is very athletic; plays volleyball and basketball. She is also a dancer, but she won't admit it; undercover turf chick. One thing she really enjoys is calling jake names.
holy crap dude, look at her!

that's tiffany, she's so pretty.

by Milk Dancer October 02, 2009
someone who thinks their life sucks because they havent hu yet

thinks she has a better social life than anthony LOL
yo tiffany is in 9th grade and she hasnt even hu yet
by buschmi December 13, 2011
A white girl who goes by the name of BlackIcee74. She is often associated with the terms Black, Skater, Girl, Meanie, Hater, etc. She also does not like talking to Murtaza.
Friend 1: Hey, do you know Tiffany?
friend 2: Yeah, that white skater girl right?
Friend 1: Yeah, isn't she such a meanie?
Friend 2: And a hater too!
by ConcealedChaos July 23, 2011