Awk looking, parrot nose, curving back, gold digger, evil, and fake girl.
That girl sure looks like a tiffany.
by nomorebullied September 21, 2013
someone who thinks their life sucks because they havent hu yet

thinks she has a better social life than anthony LOL
yo tiffany is in 9th grade and she hasnt even hu yet
by buschmi December 13, 2011
A white girl who goes by the name of BlackIcee74. She is often associated with the terms Black, Skater, Girl, Meanie, Hater, etc. She also does not like talking to Murtaza.
Friend 1: Hey, do you know Tiffany?
friend 2: Yeah, that white skater girl right?
Friend 1: Yeah, isn't she such a meanie?
Friend 2: And a hater too!
by ConcealedChaos July 23, 2011
Usually a fat and ugly bitch who will never get laid. She's probably a ratchet hoe. Not intelligent at all.
G: Hey do you know tiffany?
E: You mean that ratchet skank?
G: Yeah, that stupid bitch asked to copy my math homework all
by sexybitch25eg August 11, 2012
Someone who can be sweet and compassionate, but then perform an immaculate 180, that could be of Olympic quality, displaying signs of immaturity and misplaced commitment. They do not know how to end one chapter and begin the next, but merely mesh them all together driving others to insanity. But you gotta love em!
Guy#1: Hey, so I'm going out with this gal, but she went all Tiffany on me!!!
Guy#2: Holy shit!!!
by Meibeinxtiem July 25, 2011
This girl is blonde with gorgeous blue eyes, and can always make someone smile when there down. Shes a huge flirt but, who cares? Shes always going to be there for you and knows what to say.Shes a great friend, and so much fun to hang out with.She always nice until you get on her bad side then its just bad.I love this chick.
Is that Tiffany?
We should probley go say hi.
by Maddi Loosen<3 November 28, 2011
a short long red haired girl, that is very smart. usually doesn't trust guys but loves to have guy friends around incase she needs a shoulder to cry on. They are usually reallly pretty and they love to be creative and have funn but can be a goody goody sometimes.
Keep Tiffany close or she will never come back
by CrayonBox December 05, 2011

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