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A mean girl who has attitude and tries to be nice. Usually has brown hair and eyes. Wears skirts, Rainbow Leggings, and hair in two or 1 ponytails. A girl who always dumps her boyfriend after a month. Cute but slutty. Can't be trusted. Is crazy and need therapy. Likes to play and hits you alot.
Maria: '' remember the girl you liked in 5th grade?''

Ray '' Oh the meanie? ''

Ryan '' Oh! Tiffany? ''
by Itsmedehotuno March 27, 2012
11 50
A blonde or brunette bitch who is usually has an IQ lower than their shoe size, and is short, and pudgy. You know you know a girl's name is Tiffany if she annoys the ever-living crap out of you.
Person 1: Dude! That girl annoys the crap out of her!
Person 2: Her name is probably Tiffany.
by Bossicorn March 30, 2013
5 46
Usually a fat and ugly bitch who will never get laid. She's probably a ratchet hoe. Not intelligent at all.
G: Hey do you know tiffany?
E: You mean that ratchet skank?
G: Yeah, that stupid bitch asked to copy my math homework all
by sexybitch25eg August 11, 2012
16 57
Someone who can be sweet and compassionate, but then perform an immaculate 180, that could be of Olympic quality, displaying signs of immaturity and misplaced commitment. They do not know how to end one chapter and begin the next, but merely mesh them all together driving others to insanity. But you gotta love em!
Guy#1: Hey, so I'm going out with this gal, but she went all Tiffany on me!!!
Guy#2: Holy shit!!!
by Meibeinxtiem July 25, 2011
21 73
This girl is blonde with gorgeous blue eyes, and can always make someone smile when there down. Shes a huge flirt but, who cares? Shes always going to be there for you and knows what to say.Shes a great friend, and so much fun to hang out with.She always nice until you get on her bad side then its just bad.I love this chick.
Is that Tiffany?
We should probley go say hi.
by Maddi Loosen<3 November 28, 2011
12 78
Tiffanys are usually whores who will suck off your brother, try to ef your man, and has effed every man in your town (literally). They will screw over their best friend, and cheat on the man they supposively love more than anything in the world. Then when you have their back from the time you were young, a Tiffany will probably stab you in it! If you think your man is sleeping with a Tiffany, your probably right!. If you think you can trust a Tiffany, your probably wrong!

Men- if you want an easy lay, go for a Tiffany... you can't go wrong! annnnnd you don't need protection, cause the most she will ask for is money for an abortion!
Mike: "man I got some good head last night and all I had to do was ask!"

Zach: "Oh man, must have been a Tiffany!"

Girl: "My best friend screwed me over and tried to EF my man!"

Girl's friend: "Must have been Tiffany!"

Dudes at the club: "Man there are Tiffany's all over this place! We're bound to get laid tonight!"
by DisBit*h!! January 02, 2012
335 403
n. A sociopathic slut who is cold and heartless & leads a fake life. The sudden realization that one has been duped into socializing or sleeping with a subhuman under the guise of interacting with a decent person results in an "epiphany", hence the traditional definition in baby name books.

A Tiffany usually goes by a middlename & attempts to postpone the "epiphany" but humans with a backbone will inevitably experience the epiphany that a Tiffany is a manipulative & depraved psychopath & will gently and slowly disappear from her life. She will then project her obsessions and believe that people who abandon her LOVE her and are OBSESSED with her and she's WON. She will stalk friends and use the internet to dig up details in order to twist and ruin reputations. Thus, usually doped up on wine or Xanax, she will spend most of her nights plotting and scheming revenge on decent humans that treated her well.

Her social life focuses on eliciting sympathy from her circle of victims, aka "friends" and "family", by reminding them she fucked her dad when she was younger (she actually seduced him into her spiderweb, coldly and calculatedly).

She believes herself to be a classy Audrey Hepburn despite being a repressed lesbian with a fetish for dark men because they're "different" from her goat-herding dad who is her only true possession.

Tiffany prefers that you suicide if you don't grant her complete control of your life.
Douchebag bartender: "Never thought I'd turn down free road-head but that Tiffany is gonna Ted Bundy me!"

Tiffany's hypnotized victim friend: "*Gasp* Tiffany is beautiful inside and out!"

Private investigator hired by Tiffany to follow douchebag bartender: "It sounds like you're obsessed with her."

Tiffany's mother: "Your jealousy is insane! You don't deserve my daughter!"

Douchebag bartender: "Somebody shoot me in the head! The devil is everywhere!"
by V-V-Vs-gotyourboynow December 28, 2011
369 438