A custom motorcycle sporting a large single cylinder engine.
I just bobbed my Suzuki S40, Now it's a cool little thumper!
by hhhmmaann June 19, 2010
A street level police officer that never progresses in rank, due to his inherent nature to never stop crime but to continually thump and boot-strap strictly for the purpose of combat and entertainment. The officer is usually justified in each case, but the "thumping" isnt not necessary.
I really hate responding to John's code twos... There is always some fight about to take place because he is one real thumper.
by Marsh February 14, 2005
A branch of obnoxious drivers who pack their cars with ridiculously powerful subs, and blast shitty, overly synthesized, "thumpy" rap music to assert their dominance. In most cases, thumpers can also be referred to as rattlers, due to the intensely low frequency vibrating shaky or loose parts in the car's frame, emitting an even more annoying rattling sound.
Friend 1: "I didn't get any damn sleep. Fucking thumpers kept strolling by my house".

Friend 2: "Dude, I know! Just this morning, I was sitting at a red light, and my rear-viewies were shaking from a thumper two cars behind me!"
by IsraelHands09 October 05, 2011
A guy that's always getting laid. A straight pimp who screws nonstop. Someone with a huge dick and uses it as a giant man hammer.
SDOT loves taking it up the butt 24/7, but they can't handle thumper
by viciousD26 October 06, 2005
A very large ass. Comparing it to the ass of a rabbit off the movie Bambi.... Thumper.
Damn look at that bitch rite there, that bitch got a thumper.
by Snoeflyke February 19, 2010
One of a group of extreme, religious zealots. Referring to the tendency to thump ones bible in condemnation of others.
Yeah, he/she a bible thumper.
by Capt. Spastic April 15, 2011
n- similar to the dirty sanchez. the thumper is when you take your thumb and stick it in a girl's butthole while doing her doggy style.
I gave her the thumper and pulled her hair, than i had to wash my hands.
by The Merman August 14, 2006

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