One who goes around citing or "thumping" the bible to everyone he or she meets.
Here come those (Mormon or Jehova Witness(insert anoying religion of your choice)) bible thumpers trying to get us to join their cult.
by theantithump November 14, 2006
a slang term for the main male sex organ; a penis
She was grindin' me so hard at the club that I whipped out ma thumper right there and gave it to her real good.
by Soupek January 24, 2005
1. An ugly girl with bad skin
2. A bitch that's gonna go down in BUTT NASTY history
3. A manipulative, attention seeking, chicken legged girl with
4. A person that fucks like a rabbit
5. A manly look girl
Thumper is goin' down!
by Fuck Dominos March 04, 2003
A person who ignores all logic and reason because they can only hear their Bible which they strike whenever a non-pious word is uttered.
Did you hear Ted dropped out of college? Yeah he's a thumper.
by tehDopeness October 15, 2012
A Thumper is a very beautiful girl that deserves the best out of everything,she is the nicest person with a great sense of humor, she is a guppy
Did you see her yea She thumper.
by 2012matt2012 July 26, 2011
The throbbing sensation a woman gets in her clitoris when she is sexually excited.
Girl, when Mike kisses me, I get a thumper.
by SpoiledSex December 21, 2010
From the bay area circa 1999. Made from the sound of a gun, later goes on to be slang term for a gun.
Keep my finger on my thumper, twist wigs back, head crack. ~E40
by Wolf February 16, 2005

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