a stripper from the novel House of Leaves, with Thumper from Bambi tattoed on her innter thigh.

A really sweet, but fallen, woman.
"Nice going, Thumper."
by B to the R April 22, 2004
A person who ignores all logic and reason because they can only hear their Bible which they strike whenever a non-pious word is uttered.
Did you hear Ted dropped out of college? Yeah he's a thumper.
#stupid #unintelligent #pious #lemming #bigot
by tehDopeness October 15, 2012
Thumper is a amazing person who thinks she is a loser which is a obviously lie she is the most amazing person.
thumpers on another level.
#beautiful #amazing #awsome #great friend #guppy
by i<3youbbbbfffff July 28, 2011
When a girl is giving a guy head and right before busting a nut, he strikes down violently on her forhead with his penis ( you earn extra points for giving her the flying thumper) you have to get on a chair and jump off of it, giving the thumper extra force.
Hey man this girl was doming me up the other day and she was using too much teeth! so I gave her the thumper man, I saw her wearing a neck brace the next day man.
#flying thumper #dick slap #plowed #owned #dominated
by flying thumper June 11, 2011
Term used to define that fat chick at the bar that gives it up to anyone and everyone. Usually a carrier of many sexually transmitted diseases.
I'm never drinking again, I got wasted and woke up between Thumper's fat rolls.
#slut #infestation #manitee #bed sore #hangover
by jr0k May 03, 2011
Tha M79 single-shot, shoulder-fired, break-action grenade launcher used in Vietnam. Otherwise known as the "blooper", "thump gun" "Squad leader's artillery" and "bloop gun"
thumpers were used cause of their reliability, what can go wrong with a pipe that has a firing pin at one end?
#gun #grenade #blooper #thump gun #bloop gun #bloop tube
by tgrad July 23, 2009
a man who loves to be pounded in the ass
man i sure hope that guy over there is a thumper
#anal sex #ass slave #gay #homo #cum guzzler
by the thumphump April 09, 2009
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