Term used to define that fat chick at the bar that gives it up to anyone and everyone. Usually a carrier of many sexually transmitted diseases.
I'm never drinking again, I got wasted and woke up between Thumper's fat rolls.
by jr0k May 03, 2011
Tha M79 single-shot, shoulder-fired, break-action grenade launcher used in Vietnam. Otherwise known as the "blooper", "thump gun" "Squad leader's artillery" and "bloop gun"
thumpers were used cause of their reliability, what can go wrong with a pipe that has a firing pin at one end?
by tgrad July 23, 2009
One who goes around citing or "thumping" the bible to everyone he or she meets.
Here come those (Mormon or Jehova Witness(insert anoying religion of your choice)) bible thumpers trying to get us to join their cult.
by theantithump November 14, 2006
a slang term for the main male sex organ; a penis
She was grindin' me so hard at the club that I whipped out ma thumper right there and gave it to her real good.
by Soupek January 24, 2005
A person who ignores all logic and reason because they can only hear their Bible which they strike whenever a non-pious word is uttered.
Did you hear Ted dropped out of college? Yeah he's a thumper.
by tehDopeness October 15, 2012
A male or female below 30 years of age who is on social assistance despite being perfectly physically and mentally able to work. The male or female also cheats on their forms and information to get greater money from social assistance.
My old room ate was a Thumper, never paid me back or anything, just sat on the couch collecting a fat welfare check.
by AWLIG February 07, 2011
When you're going down on someone or having sex and their leg won't stop twitching...
You better bring a helmet. She's a thumper.
by NotAThumper July 13, 2009

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