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A male or female below 30 years of age who is on social assistance despite being perfectly physically and mentally able to work. The male or female also cheats on their forms and information to get greater money from social assistance.
My old room ate was a Thumper, never paid me back or anything, just sat on the couch collecting a fat welfare check.
by AWLIG February 07, 2011
Tha M79 single-shot, shoulder-fired, break-action grenade launcher used in Vietnam. Otherwise known as the "blooper", "thump gun" "Squad leader's artillery" and "bloop gun"
thumpers were used cause of their reliability, what can go wrong with a pipe that has a firing pin at one end?
by tgrad July 23, 2009
When you're going down on someone or having sex and their leg won't stop twitching...
You better bring a helmet. She's a thumper.
by NotAThumper July 13, 2009
a man who loves to be pounded in the ass
man i sure hope that guy over there is a thumper
by the thumphump April 09, 2009
Very Large Buttocks aka Phat Ass aka Junk In The Trunk aka Donkey aka Big Booty aka Bubble Butt
DAMN! Chorty Gotta Thumper!!!!
by CvEck0 January 03, 2009
The stupid lower middle class bastards who think they are ghetto, dress like they are still in high school - though most are around 30 years of age - usually drive small cars (like Hondas) that are painted in strange color variations (usually of blues or purples) and have their "gangsta" names in plastic stick-on letters on the side window of their thumper car which traditionally has less value than the modifications made to it. The name "thumper" comes from the annoyingly loud, repetetive and artistically devoid music which they prefer.
"Damnit, look at that jackass thumper, I wish he'd turn his friggin' music down."
by KKR November 25, 2006
To find the fattest bitch you can and fuck the shit out of her
I got horny so i found this Thumper.
by B-razz November 21, 2006