Short for bible thumper - an overly religious and/or annoyingly religious person, especially Evangelical Christians.
He used to hang with us all the time before he got brainwashed by those thumpers.
by transorbital July 07, 2006
Your ass is getting THUMPPED!!!
A serious heartattack!!
A wake up!!!
Crazy PERSON!!!
Step the f*ck Back!!!
A ture friend with a big heart!
Bambie and thumper laying in the woods by the big oak tree.
by wildlife4mee June 21, 2006
a slang term for the main male sex organ; a penis
She was grindin' me so hard at the club that I whipped out ma thumper right there and gave it to her real good.
by Soupek January 24, 2005
Very Large Buttocks aka Phat Ass aka Junk In The Trunk aka Donkey aka Big Booty aka Bubble Butt
DAMN! Chorty Gotta Thumper!!!!
by CvEck0 January 03, 2009
n- similar to the dirty sanchez. the thumper is when you take your thumb and stick it in a girl's butthole while doing her doggy style.
I gave her the thumper and pulled her hair, than i had to wash my hands.
by The Merman August 14, 2006
an absolutely bangingly steamey shit!
"dude, i just took a thumper on your dads chest whilst he was sleeping!!"
A term used for subwoofers. Im not shure where those other definitions came form.
12" thumper with a amp
by Dmagoku February 23, 2005
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