a stripper from the novel House of Leaves, with Thumper from Bambi tattoed on her innter thigh.

A really sweet, but fallen, woman.
"Nice going, Thumper."
by B to the R April 22, 2004
A branch of obnoxious drivers who pack their cars with ridiculously powerful subs, and blast shitty, overly synthesized, "thumpy" rap music to assert their dominance. In most cases, thumpers can also be referred to as rattlers, due to the intensely low frequency vibrating shaky or loose parts in the car's frame, emitting an even more annoying rattling sound.
Friend 1: "I didn't get any damn sleep. Fucking thumpers kept strolling by my house".

Friend 2: "Dude, I know! Just this morning, I was sitting at a red light, and my rear-viewies were shaking from a thumper two cars behind me!"
by IsraelHands09 October 05, 2011
Thumper is a amazing person who thinks she is a loser which is a obviously lie she is the most amazing person.
thumpers on another level.
by i<3youbbbbfffff July 28, 2011
When a girl is giving a guy head and right before busting a nut, he strikes down violently on her forhead with his penis ( you earn extra points for giving her the flying thumper) you have to get on a chair and jump off of it, giving the thumper extra force.
Hey man this girl was doming me up the other day and she was using too much teeth! so I gave her the thumper man, I saw her wearing a neck brace the next day man.
by flying thumper June 11, 2011
Term used to define that fat chick at the bar that gives it up to anyone and everyone. Usually a carrier of many sexually transmitted diseases.
I'm never drinking again, I got wasted and woke up between Thumper's fat rolls.
by jr0k May 03, 2011
One of a group of extreme, religious zealots. Referring to the tendency to thump ones bible in condemnation of others.
Yeah, he/she a bible thumper.
by Capt. Spastic April 15, 2011
A male or female below 30 years of age who is on social assistance despite being perfectly physically and mentally able to work. The male or female also cheats on their forms and information to get greater money from social assistance.
My old room ate was a Thumper, never paid me back or anything, just sat on the couch collecting a fat welfare check.
by AWLIG February 07, 2011

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