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To put your thumb in an unwanted place.

You would never say "Hey, thumb me"

The only time to use this phrase is when saying "Omfg please don't thumb me"
by Gittyyyy September 02, 2008
3 17
The request for an anal thumbing.
Sara: "Thumb me, John!"

John *Thumbs Sara's ass*
by metalogic September 20, 2008
4 13
An expression (often used in unison with explicit hand motions) that expresses distase or dislike for something someone has just said/done.

You're basically just telling them to shove their thumb up your anus.
Similar to suck me.
Jason: "Garrett you're a fag."

Garrett: "Aw thumb me dillhole." *Makes a circle with one of his hands as he speaks, similar to balling it into a fist, and then violently shoves the other thumb into said hole*
by PimpinPony September 02, 2008
3 15
Encourage a friend to send you a SMS on their cell phone/mobile. The thumb being the key finger used in texting a message.
Mary thumb me the details once I finish this cell phone call.
by el cee June 01, 2007
920 5816