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having a feeling of or filled with frustration due to a lack of sex.
I haven't got tail in a hot minute I am so thrustrated!

by The Dirty Heathen October 09, 2008
sexually frustrated; going through a dry spell
Jeffrey: Shit, I can't believe Gary is actually hitting on Sharona, she's such a whore.

Hector: Well, he has been pretty thrustrated lately.
by Cathii April 20, 2010
Adj. The emotion a man feels when he is excited, but unable to finish. Simply put, blue-balled.
My gf was going down on me when her mom called. She talked for hours and never came back. I was so thrustrated.
by The Mighty Rearranger February 09, 2013
to become sexually frustrated
frustrated while having sex or dancing
frustrated when thrusting
Man Remus had me going all night, i got so thrustrated but it was awesome.
by Brittany Keyser January 20, 2009
when your girl wont give it up so you just thrust her leg in frustration
My girl would'nt give it up so I got all thrustrated on her leg.
by milo j January 30, 2009