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Acronym commonly used in the military, stands for Chaos Confusion and all around Clusterfuck.
Ight men, nobody really knows whats going on, Three C's in full effect
by eatmydick49 July 10, 2011
When traveling, it's sometimes good to stick to the basics:
Clothes, Currency, and Condoms
Man 1: My flight leaves tomorrow, but I'm not paying any extra baggage fees.
Man 2: Dude. Just stick to the Three C's!
by honest≠asshole January 24, 2012
What women should be following the world over. Cooking, Cleaning, and shut the hell up.
Her: "Honey, I was thinking we could cuddle and watch sleepless in seattle."

Him: "Woman, Three C's."

Her: "Yes, sir."
by Pedro11 January 31, 2009
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