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A phrase used to discretely announce that you're arriving, or "cumming". Originally used on the British television series "The IT Crowd"
Bradley: Meet me at the station!
by honest≠asshole January 05, 2012
When traveling, it's sometimes good to stick to the basics:
Clothes, Currency, and Condoms
Man 1: My flight leaves tomorrow, but I'm not paying any extra baggage fees.
Man 2: Dude. Just stick to the Three C's!
by honest≠asshole January 24, 2012
Using potentially embarrassing information to coerce someone into sleeping with you.
John: Did you hear about Sara?
Patrick: What happened?
John: I heard she spend all her graduation money on coke. I work for her dad. Should I say something?
Patrick: Only if you're trying to blacknail her.
by honest≠asshole January 15, 2012
(noun) In a photography critique, one participant comes to the aid of a classmate/friend whom is faced with criticism on the composition of one or more of their images. The aide offers a bit of commentary which seems to suggest a deep meaning in the body of work, in order to distract the other participants.
Student 1: The composition in this image is terrible. You cut the person's head off, and the image is underexposed.
Student 2: I have to disagree with you. It is obvious that the photographer was making a conscious effort. The lack of the person's head speaks to their character, as they are afraid to reveal the truth. This person is keeping a secret, and may also be acting as a reflection of the photographer, whom is trying to show how they themselves are lost and cannot stand up confident. The underexposure compliments this virtue, and also adds to the idea that we are all underexposed, and that in order to fully show ourselves, we have to be subjected to public opinion and in some cases, distaste.
Student 3 (quietly to Student 2) : Wow you really saved my ass with that fine art assist!
by honest≠asshole December 30, 2011
A phrase used by women who are overweight, in an attempt to soften the self-esteem blow of honestly referring to themselves as fat.
Girl: I'm 5'5", brown hair, hazel eyes, and I'm not fat, but not skinny either.
Guy (thinking to self): This girl is definitely chubby with love handles.
by honest≠asshole December 29, 2011
(verb) to engage in hot painful love, fuck, and to cum.
Greg: Hey did you see Judy's ass in those leggings yesterday?
Paul: Dude, I would respect the shit out of her all night.
Greg: I would bend her over and respect all over her back.
by honest≠asshole January 10, 2012
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