Sexual intercourse before starting a task.
Man visits female friend.

Man: I need to fix some clothes of mine, can you teach me how to sow these patches on?

Woman: Sure... wanna thread the needle, first?
by Wham Bam Thank You Mam March 28, 2009
Top Definition
The series of motions, performed by some men when attempting to urinate while afflicted with morning wood, whereby they bend at the waist and squat while tucking the junk. This guides everything that would be sticking up back to the down position, thereby avoiding spills and crush related injuries.
What's wrong Karl, why are you walking like that?

I forgot to thread the needle this morning.


Roomate1: WTF, who pissed on the floor in here!?!

Roomate2: Oops, sorry dude. I forgot to thread the needle this morning.
by WeirdVanGuy December 31, 2009
A sexual action in which the man is laying flat on the ground and the woman is standing direct front of him, she then jumps and does a summersault, landing with her vagina neatly filled with cock. (Some Injury may occur)
Man1: Did you hear about jed?
Man2: No, What happened?
Man1: He tried to Thread the Needle with his wife last night and she missed and snapped his cock in 2, he is now in the hospital.
Man2: holy shit!
by Who thinks of this? July 12, 2009
If the quarterback completes a pass to a slot receiver running across the field while two or three defenders are converging
Wow Aaron Rogers ever thread the needle on that pass to Cobb the pass protection was outstanding on that play
by yomama13 February 20, 2015
When a penis is inserted into the penis hole of another person.
Nilano: yo black man, can i stick my skrawny wiener into your large cock?

Black man: Oh sure Nilano, I have always secretly wanted you to attmept to thread the needle on me.
by Nilano April 14, 2008
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