Underwear. Derives from the Spanish word calzones or calzoncillos.
Did you see that bitch? Her chonies are showing.
I hate these chonies, they give me wedgies.
by SillyMia September 09, 2007
referred to as female underwear, panties. Most Hispanic chulas use this word.
"gurrr, mis chonies are nasty!"
"but dammnn dem chonies cute gurrr!"
by chixyeah December 11, 2012
The Greek God of trolling who the Chonites try to appease as they go on with their nefarious work.
This thread is about to be chonied.

I think I feel the presence of Chony, in all his magnificence, probably it was brought on by that guy who posted about his balls itching in the global warming thread.
by Windtell December 15, 2009
underwear in Spanish and you say it "shhho-knees"
"that bitch stank..."

"ya she chonies to take a bath!!!1one"
by farquad September 03, 2006
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