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A guy that is quite good at several specific things, like chemistry, trumpet, soccer, hand-eye coordination. He may just seem like your average, rather good-looking young man, but will surprise you with his hidden abilities to skate extremely fast, solve a rubik's cube, think up extremely rude yet effective insults at an extraordinary pace. Also rather nice and modest, all-around a great guy.
1. Frightened Survivor of a Nuclear War 1: Oh no, we have no food, fuel, shelter or heat!

Frightened Survivor of a Nuclear War 2: Don't worry, Thomas will just fashion us an entire new civilization from this ripped pamphlet and a bit of embroidery thread.
by 1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrst March 17, 2010
A fairy. Specifically, the fire fairy, due to her firey red hair.

Rieka rhymes with Frieka but that's not even funny guys.

Impossible to pronounce on the attendance list. (REE- kuh).
Guy 1: Who's that unimaginably sexy firey red-head in the fairy costume over there?
Guy 2: Oh that's Rieka, the fire fairy.
by 1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrst March 18, 2010
The incorrect spelling of the word weird.
A smarter person: You spelt that wrong.
by 1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrst March 17, 2010
Glasses that change from normal glasses to sunglasses according to the amount of light in their location. Mainly worn by autistic, karate-fighting kids. Often accompanied by a head-strap to keep the glasses on in physical circumstances (eg. karate, bullying episodes, etc). Also worn by douchebags that like to wear sunglasses in the winter.
Person 1: Hey, who's that kid hiding under his coat with the transitional glasses?
Person 2: Oh, that's Davey. Don't bother him or he'll hiss at you.
by 1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrst August 08, 2010

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