literally the nicest person in the worlddddddd

kindof a sucky driver
but a really good walker.

a good person! with awesome friends like kyle and jenny

thomas is C00L
by thomassslover102 August 24, 2008
The coolest person to ever walk the earth and he also is good with the women
Mary: Look at him over there

Eve: Yeah ! Hes a total Thomas
by phillipino phil April 11, 2010
a guy that doesnt give hugs but secretly wants to!
that guy is such a thomas, he so wants to give her a hug.
by blahhhhh3333444555 June 13, 2010
A sweet, kinda, amazing, fantastic guy. Easy to fall in love with and always happy. He can make you smile no matter what and always puts you in a better mood. (:
My boyfriend Thomas John! :D
by Daisy Duke(: January 10, 2011
A guy who gets all the pussy, including your moms, and who everyone wants to be. He also has the looks of a god and can lure any girl into bed with him (like your mom) at anytime. He's so good in bed, that they named the orgasm after him, "tomgasm." He has a dick so big that it could be mistaken for another leg, hence the nickname "tommy tri-pod".
damn that boy the goes to celebration high school is a total Thomas

thomas reid is such a thomas
by thomasreid December 18, 2011
a very attractive guy who is very strong and has Fantastic muscles, He is often super kind and thoughtful, he is a beast at anything he does, and a killer with the ladies, he is good with words, and an all around beastly guy. If you ever meet a thomas your ganna want to get to know him.
Girl 1: OMG
Girl 2: WHAT!?!?!?!
Girl 1: I just met the nicest guy he is soooo hot and he is being soo nice to me....
Girl 2: Who that kid? hes my boyfriend, and he is so great!
Girl 1: OH man he sounds like such a THOMAS.
by COOLDUDE10111 January 10, 2011
to drop kick something at random.
In the hallway, we saw Daniel do a thomas to his phone. It went flying down the hallway!
by Chey Wolfe March 06, 2010
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