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The nation of Thizzlam refers to the Bay Area, and Vallejo. The Nation of Thizzlam's main export is ecstasy pills, wich people use to thizz. Term used by Mac Dre.
You imposters get tried for treason
To the nation of Thizzlam
Is my legiance
Write a grievance
File a complaint
Tell 'em Dre doin things that them otha guys can't
Burnin' rubber all day
Drivin' wreckless
I cut a man throat give a man a bloody necklace
Cuttee, they respect us cuz they have to
My niggaz mafioso
You prepared they'll wack you'
by yadabooboo June 13, 2007
The nation pertaining to Mac Dre and his fans.
We are the nation of Thizzlam.
by Matt Geoghegan September 18, 2005
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