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a jaw saving device commonly used and worn as jewelery by ravers... a "binkie" which is in actuality a baby's pacifier, is abused by etards at raves or just in general really.
Hey babe, can you get my binkie out of your purse, because I'm starting to grind and clench my teeth.
by DomZilla999 January 06, 2003
120 41
In professional football, a potential pass target, esp. one bound for the Hall of Fame. (See "passifier".)
"The Patriots needed all this and more to beat the Colts, who were playing without starting left tackle Tony Ugoh, starting linebackers Freddie Keiaho and Tyjuan Hagler, and Manning's security binkie, wide receiver Marvin Harrison."'s Gene Wojciechowski
by jjbjjbjjb November 04, 2007
15 45
One who is often compared to and/or mentioned in relations to god, possibly buddha, or maybe even Steve-O, but then again, maybe not.
Dan Van= Binkie
by Binkie April 15, 2004
18 82