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Anyone of Italian heritage (mainland or Sicilian) who has sworn themselves to Italian Mafia.
1 John Ghotti, "Lucky" Luciano, and Al Capone, are all mafioso.

2 Don't fuck with a Mafioso, they'll kill your ass.
by italianplaya April 24, 2004
A sexual act involving banging a chick from behind and right as you are about to cum, you pull out a gun and shoot her in the back of the head mafioso style. If you choose to cum in the bullet hole itself, it is now called the Beamer.
As he banged her, he decided to give her the mafioso because she had cheated on him. After is was all over, he leaned over her and said, "Bitch, you just got Caponed".
by absolom7691 August 12, 2006