A shorthand way of saying you agree with someone else's opinion. Often found online on message boards and chatrooms, but can also be used in real life.
Major.Trollster: OBAMMA IZ TEH N00B!
Sockpuppet_01: this

Jessie: "Cold Stone Creamery is way better than Ben & Jerry's."
James (pointing at Jessie): "This."
by Born Blitzed August 11, 2010
Thi pronounced 'T' is a common vietnamese middle name for girls, it also means "poem"
thi is her middle name , tran thi thuy
by Unsweetened LoVerr January 18, 2008
A superficially clever way to agree with a statement made on an internet forum. Reads and sounds somewhat silly since the correct word for pointing to someone else's post would be "that". "This" would be the word you would use to point to your own post.
Forum poster #1: "The schedule TV model is dying. If you don't give me on on demand viewing option then piracy will always be something I will consider"

Forum poster #2: "This." ...

Forum poster #3: "This what?" "Oh you meant THAT. Ha ha, I get it, very funny"
by Bill Murray of the East June 02, 2012
A word used to give complete agreement to, often used on Tumblr to 100% agree with a caption on a picture.

Caption: If you're gonna be two-faced at least make one pretty

by Tina Peach December 30, 2011
A Highly Specific area on the Human body used to to point to when one has nothing else to say!
"Hey Dude...Instead of Thanking Ya Sister, Thank THIS!" or "Listen here Pally, why do you insist on taunting THIS!"
by P2J March 29, 2013
A slang word to describe penis-vagina intercourse in order to differentiate it from other kinds of sex such as anal sex or oral sex. An acronym for Traditional Heterosexual Intercourse Sex
We've made out and fondled, but we haven't had THIS.
by redefinesex August 12, 2012
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