yorkshire slang for the word your

alst gi thi a crack if tha dunt shut thi gob (i wiil hit you if you dont shut up)
by l a September 13, 2007
T-Hi! One good looking stud.
I am Thi today cause all the chics want a piece of my ass.
by superdad May 13, 2005
To make others uncomfortable by saying the most awkward thing at the most inappropriate time
Dude, it's not OK to Thi everyone at a funeral!
by dmk January 09, 2004
Something you can go with, as opposed to "THAT"
"You can go with this, or you can go with that."
by MozeeAtupu February 13, 2010
An asiankid who can't spell, loves spam, and is a politically active student.
Hey, Thi, go eat your spam and go to your PAS meeting. But learn to spell first!
by Yammagamma September 16, 2007
The Spaniard and Mexican way of saying "Si" due to their lisp. Only Americans say "Si" because they do not have a native tongue.
Mexican 1- ?Quieres ir a los Estados Unidos?

Mexican 2- !THI!
by Rigoberto Carrillo April 16, 2008
A homosexual male with a taste for female clothing and an insatiable appetite for sex
Don't be a Thi dude!
by BMG January 08, 2004

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