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Brilliant, and at times surreal comedy that ran on BBC2 from 1981-82. The characters were Rick (Rik Mayall), an irritating sociology student and Marxist that nobody liked, Neil (Nigel Planer) a depressed hippy who did all the work around the house, Vyvyan (Adrian Edmondson)a violent and aggressive medical student and punk fan, and Mike ( Christopher Ryan) a suave, narcissistic Cockney with an eye for the ladies. Alexei Sayle also appeared in each episode as different members of the Balowski family, and the shows creator Ben Elton made numerous apperances. Fantastic, if you get a chance to watch it, do.
There will never be another programme like the Young Ones.
by BadLieutenant August 11, 2004
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The BEST television program ever to be made in the history of the earth... if you dont like this you are mentally insane... staring the best actor in the world.. Rik Mayall
by nod_the_sleepy_frog>('_')< April 21, 2005
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