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Term of endearment or affection used for someone significantly younger than the speaker. Particularly useful when the younger person has been acting in a superior way and needs to be reminded that he really is still young.
Comparable to the Star Wars phrase "my young Padawan"
You don't know what you're talking about this time, Young One.
by Soob March 19, 2004
Irish Chav speak for Young Girl. Complete knacker speak.
"Would ya look at the state of that young one! She's dressed like a fuggin' hoor!"

"Me young one's gotten herself up the pole."
by Scandal June 28, 2004
The word ''Young one'' is a term used by few, but important people of high standard and social importance. It refers to anyone the user may know or like.

It is always used in the first person, and only to be said to a friend/ person directly. The person being called ''Young one'' can be younger or older, it is simply a term that has gained a definition after being used, originally, by a guy whom goes by the initials E.E
Bob: Hey! Hows it going?
You: Hello young one, not to bad and yourself?
You: Young one, come here i want to show you something
by Kangarooman313 May 21, 2011
The Young-Ones are the universal fans of Neil Young. Very enlightened folk, I can tell you.
"All 16 of us are Young-Ones."
by Dylan H. February 12, 2005
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