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Lloyd Neck on long island
basically a place where it takes 20 min to reach civilization
Lauren: Hey you wanna come over today
Ben: Nah, you live all the way out on the neck.. that shits like china
by DeepNecker August 17, 2009
1.When someone says something stupid and you slap the back of your neck. (Or vice versa )
2.When someone tries to diss you (or say you will mess up on something ) and they either fail or are wrong, you slap the back of their neck. (Or vice versa )
3.When someone violates or rejects you successfully, you then slap the back of your own neck.
1. "Mark asked how to spell air so I gave him the neck."
2. "I told Carlos he would miss his 3-pointer and when he didn't , he gave me the neck."
3. "After Tom was rejected by Sally, he gave himself the neck."
by RickDaHylianWarrior December 24, 2013
the most affluent part of newport, ri. this area sticks into the narragasnet bay.
that kid is so loaded he has a mansion on the neck.
by flyersfan93 February 19, 2009
slang for Teaneck, NJ also called goonieville or goonrow cause of how many gangs the town has
Mark: why are we in newark?
Greg: This aint newark its the neck
Mark: What the difference?
by NewJeruSoldier November 11, 2006
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